Power Quality and Infrared Scanning

We utilize only state of the art equipment and technology on all of our reports and solutions. Henelect has made a substantial investment with Flir Infrared thermography equipment. These cameras provide preventative and predictive maintenance solutions real time. In fact many of our clients are mandated to provide infrared reports of there electrical service every 5 years for insurance renewals. We would be happy to provide these for you at a nominal fee. As a courtesy for our clients, we provide free infrared reports on all major projects that we perform for them. It’s our way of saying thanks for your business. It also puts us leaps ahead of our competition, I often hear,” if you have meters and equipment like that, you must be doing something good”

We also utilize PowerPad meters by AEMC. These data loggers are on top of  industry standards. We can measure all your electrical parameters including: Voltage, Amperage, KW,flicker, distortion,,harmaonics, and very importantly Power Factor. Power factor is a major energy consumer, if it not correct, you will pay a huge premium on you monthly utility bills. We correct power factor by simple capacitors installed in the main service or downstream on components causing the power factor to sway away from the ideal .9 reading

We also use this technology to verify our energy solutions we offer. This meter will show actual realtime KW usage as billed by the local utility Company.

Some items we look at when providing an energy audit

  • Lighting
  • Lighting controls
  • Motion sensors
  • Timers
  • Power Factor correction
  • Energy efficient motors

These are a few items that are extensively looked at. Call us today to set up your Energy Audit.